Astrobe Oberon Development system now supports mbed

05 Aug 2014

We have now included ARM's mbed LPC1768 development board in the list of development boards we support for use with v4.3 of Astrobe for Cortex-M3, our Oberon programming language development system.

Instructions on how to get started with the Astrobe / mbed combination are on our forum:

All the information about Astrobe is on our website:

05 Aug 2014

Update (Aug 2014): Low-cost 'Starter Editions' of both v5.1 Astrobe for Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 for use with the mbed LPC1768 and LPC4088 boards are now available:

08 Apr 2018

Update (Apr 2018): The Starter Edition of v6.4 Astrobe for Cortex-M3, M4 or M7 is now free and is now supported on mbed-enabled boards from STM as well as NXP. The complete list of boards is here:

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